“Be your own best customer. Live your customer’s lifestyle.”


The challenging and fast-paced nature of the restaurant business is often like an athletic performance: timing, precision, energy, and coolness under pressure are skills required to be successful at both, which makes Tristan Duran, the recently appointed marketing manager for Duran Entities, uniquely qualified for his new role.

Tristan, who will be managing the marketing department for the company’s two restaurants and a daycare center, is an All-American gymnast and former acrobat. He spent two years performing in Disney World’s production of The Lion King. Now balancing the company’s marketing, social media channels, and communication needs, Tristan expects to bring his determination and focus as an award-winning athlete to his new responsibilities in restaurant management.

“What I’m doing now is quite different from performing on stage,” said Tristan. “But there are skills that I developed as an athlete and performer that I use every day as marketing manager. I have always been interested in the restaurant business, but it may have been several years later if not for Covid. But I am happy to be contributing to the family businesses now.”

While studying for a degree in Marketing and Communications at Minnesota University, Tristan earned NCAA All-American honors three times in gymnastics. He also was Big Ten champion on the Parallel Bars in 2018 (the first for Minnesota since 1982) and was named Male Athlete of the Year in 2018.

After Disney World closed due to Covid, Tristan joined his family business and hit the ground running, bringing his skills and talents for communications and marketing to Duran Entities. He is now responsible for all social media platforms, specialized online reservations, and marketing networks and produces newsletters for all Duran Entities’ enterprises.