“Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.”


Ney Pimentel is a Brand strategist/Designer with a bold urban edge.

His proficiency has earned him a wealth of prominent clientele as well as a reputation for excellence.

Pimentel has plenty of brand building experience under his belt, successfully developing VISUALS for high-profile clients including SONY, LL Cool J, Russell Simmons, HBO, MADONNA and A&E, as well as many others.

Weaving the hip-hop and Latin influences he grew up with into his work, Pimentel landed a job as the exclusive designer for the Wu-Tang Clan, not only redesigning the group’s logo, creating something edgier and now iconic, but also naming Wu-Tang’s second album – they had settled on “Wu-Tang Infiniti,” until Pimentel suggested “Wu-Tang Forever,” which sold over 6.5 million records and remains the group’s best-selling album to date. He also was the exclusive designer for the group’s debut clothing line, Wu-Wear.

Pimentel kicked off his career as a Senior Graphic Designer with Faber Castell, honing his skills and developing a rare understanding of the subtle message every design sends to consumers. Here, his creativity flourished, and it was clear Pimentel was destined for something greater.

As a Senior Graphic Designer at Bentex Kiddie Corporation – the brand behind both Warner Brothers and Walt Disney APPAREL – he was able to bring a more youthful approach to his work, which only served to reinforce his creative spark.

In 1997 Pimentel founded his own design house, DESIGNEY, Inc., which was where he established VISUALS for The History Channel, CapitOl Records, SONY, A&E, SONY, Kenneth Cole, CHAMPION, and the hip-hip clothing company FUBU, among the clients already mentioned.

Pimentel was instrumental in bringing Jay-Z’s ROCAWEAR fashion line to life, first by helping his client connect with Jay-Z to develop a partnership, then by designing the brand’s first graphic line. The company eventual sold to Iconix Brand Group in 2007 for $204 million in cash. 

Ney signed a joint venture with Urban Box Office (UBO) and formed LATINFLAVA, the Internet’s first online Spanglish magazine-style website format and UBO’s in-house record label, which later became one of his most successful endeavors. Heading LATINFLAVA and becoming UBO’s SVP of A&R, Ney bolstered the popularity of Urban Latin music by encouraging corporate America – companies such as Amex, T-Mobile, Heineken, Honda, and Mastercard to become partners as well as use the music in their advertising, making it more familiar to mainstream America.

His second firm, BRAND ANARCHY – founded in 2006 – has given him the opportunity to push creative boundaries as a Brand Visual Designer, landing clients including Beverly Hills Car Club, Heineken, HBO, Madonna, The Wailers, ADIDAS, Hennessy, PUMA, and Beats by Dr. Dre to name a few. 

Ney Pimentel is a graduate of Montclair State University with a degree in Graphic Design and a concentration in brand identity.