“Eating is a necessity, but cooking is an ART.”


David Mita, has literally traveled the world before assuming his new position as Executive Chef at VENTANAS. Many of his years as an executive chef of multiple sites were spent in the exotic Middle East. While there he led a diverse kitchen staff from numerous vastly different cultures.

Chef Mita said the experience made him aware that what worked for some didn’t work for others. Bottom line, he focused on his mission: to turn out stellar dishes consistently, day in and day out and to create a kitchen culture that embraced diversity and respect. This has helped him grow professionally and to become a better leader, he said. The result: he delivers a great dining experience for his well-heeled, worldly guests.

The upshot of his talent and skills earned him esteemed international recognition: BBC’s Good Eats Best Café in Dubai and Best Café in the Middle East!


Using his global culinary experience, Chef Mita – in collaboration with VENTANAS’s Culinary Director, Chef David Burke – plans to make some refreshing changes to the award-winning multi-ethnic menu of Asian, Modern American and Latin cuisines at VENTANAS.

Chef Mita, a graduate of the French Culinary Institute, resides in Fort Lee with his two U.S.-Passport-carrying Boston Terriers.